Michael E. Ray, M.D.

Robert D. Chait, M.D.

Norman H. Erenrich, M.D.

Gary S. Shifrin, M.D.

Diego B. Sadler, M.D.

Dan Deac, M.D.

Li Zhang, M.D.

Paul Sagar, M.D.

Artistic Heart

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Cardiology Associates
of Palm Beach
Mission Statement
Nine board certified cardiologists,
trained at the top medical centers,
offer patients cutting edge treatments.

Our commitment is to provide the best available cardiac care, where the patient is the center of our attention, with emphasis in preventive cardiovascular medicine. We believe that adequate preventive cardiology decreases the risk of life threatening cardiovascular events. Our goal is to work together with the patient and their families to achieve the best outcomes.Cardiology Associates physicians and staff are committed to providing the best available cardiac care

In those with established cardiovascular disease we focus in the best available treatments with the goal to improve quality of life, and to be able to optimize treatments that improve survival rates.

For our preventive cardiology patients and our established cardiovascular disease patients we have state of the art imaging systems in both of our offices including Digital Echocardiography, and SPECT Nuclear Imaging, with multiple modalities of stress testing in both areas.

Through our hospital affiliations, our patients have access to the best Cardiac catheterization, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology testing and device implantation, and Open Heart Surgery where our doctors work closely together with the respective hospital teams.